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Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Tue May 22 05:17:51 UTC 2018


> According to target_dsp/ida/README.txt, which is not signed, some of the
> modifications to the Hex-Rays IDA SDK need the
> author's help. I have compiled the processor with most of its attributes,
> but I could use help with the stub feature to load include files.

I don't have the patch any more, I wrote it for IDA 5.5 and most of it
actually got merged by hexrays into mainline for 6.0, but not the type
I actually didn't write support for it really ... just added a hook
that did nothing and that allowed to load the .h once and then the
patch wasn't needed.

I did a post in the hex-rays forum asking how the type system worked, search
for it, and I just implemented the hooks with default return values.

The other option (which might be easier given it's really simple
struct) is to convert the .h with a python script to IDC/IDAPython commands to
create the 'struct' in IDA.



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