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Hi Harald,

This was a rather old post, ~3 days ago. All these issues have been
in subsequent mails. Thx for your thoughtful and lengthy response.
The configure I was referring to is the libosmocore/configure. Back then, I
didn't know that there were 7!
Have already a patch for it, waiting for access by Neel.
I'm using a clean libosmocore. Outdated version was due to nginx caching
the https request.
Resolved by using the git request.
When I was writing this, I assumed that all ARM toolchains produce correct
ARM code. Didn't
know about the extensive code written to support it and produce correct
Calypso code:(
At that point I couldn't find the gnuarm.org toolchain, and tried to use
the Linaro,
until I was told that you maintain your own, and switched to that.
You already support 2 toolchains, no need for more:)


On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 10:43 PM, Harald Welte <laforge at gnumonks.org> wrote:

> Hi Nikos,
> On Sat, May 12, 2018 at 04:09:47AM +0300, Nikos Balkanas wrote:
> > According to the src/README.building file, I should get the arm toolchain
> > from gnuarm.com
> > This should be updated, gnuarm.com doesn't have any downloads any more.
> > Instead I installed gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi from ubuntu reps
> Won't work, sorry.  You need the specific toolchain, see
> https://osmocom.org/projects/baseband/wiki/GnuArmToolchain
> also note
> https://osmocom.org/issues/1916
> > 1) normal gcc seems to support x-compiling for arm CPUs. Why not use
> that?
> if it was that simple, we wouldn't have to rely on one specific old
> toolchain.
> The OsmocomBB code was simply developed 8 years ago, and while lots of
> people ar very enthusiastic about using it, not one such user has been
> bothering over the coures of 8 years to invest the time to port the code
> to more modern toolchains :/
> The biggest knwon problem is  about the fact that GNU binutils changed
> their features/syntax for the linkerscripts, see
> https://osmocom.org/issues/1917
> > 2) Your stock Makefile tests for CROSS_HOST against arm-elf-gcc. This
> > should be updated to test also against arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc from
> > gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi package
> No, it should not be updated, as it won't match a toolchain/compiler that
> will
> produce a working binary.
> > 3) configure warnings:
> > configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-tests,
> --disable-tests.
> > Should be disabled if not supported any more
> > checking for arm-linux-gnueabi-mt... no
> > checking for mt... mt
> > configure: WARNING: using cross tools not prefixed with host triplet
> > Is there a problem to use the OS mt?
> It would be helpful if you could explain which "configure" are you
> talking about? There are a total of _7_ configure scripts in the
> osmocom-bb source tree.
> > 4) configure asks for libosmovty >= 0.10.0. libosmovty is part of
> > libosmocore. Latest libosmocore master provides libosmovty
> Again, *which* configure?  Also, are you talking about a requirement for
> libosmcoore on the host or on the target?
> The libosmocore included in the osmocom-bb.git repository is *ONLY FOR
> CROSS-COMPILATION TO THE TARGET* as is stated very clearly in
> README.building.  Also, the master makefile will not do that.
> As written already earlier, libosmocore.git contains a version >= 0.10.0
> for more than six months.  Please make sure you understand your build
> process and ensure you are not using outdated source code to build, or
> building against outdated installs of libosmocore that may still be
> somewhere installed in your search paths.
> btw: the OpenSUSE package feeds by Martin Hauke contain builds of a
> suitable
> cross-compiler as well as pre-compiled omsocom-bb firmware:
> https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/home:mnhauke:osmocom:nightly
> This is not available in the official osmocom Debian builds.  We're
> always happy to merge related contributions, though.
> Regards,
>         Harald
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