GAPK merge request

Vadim Yanitskiy axilirator at
Sat Jan 13 20:19:46 UTC 2018

Hi Sylvain,

as you probably already know, I made a few changes in GAPK
and now they are in a separate branch called 'fixeria/lib'.
In a few words, the main idea of this set of changes is to
compose a shared library called libosmogapk and add some
basic test coverage. Please see:

As you're the maintainer and author of this project, I would
like to ask you: is it possible to merge this branch into
the mainline?

At the moment, the new library is used by OsmocomBB, see:

and moreover I am developing a set of GNU Radio blocks for
GSM audio transcoding based on the GAPK library. Probably,
some other projects may also benefit from a possibility to
link against a shared library and use its features...

If you support this idea, please let me know, which way
of merging the branch is better for you:

  - using Gerrit, where I am not sure: if I will send a
    merge commit for review, would it 'drag' the whole
    long chain of commits, or the only one?

  - or using your write access rights.

In both cases, I'll provide you detailed description of
the merge commit. But first, I need to know your decision.

With best regards,
Vadim Yanitskiy.
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