sciphone dream g2 mtk 6235 status? ;)

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Harald Welte laforge at
Fri Feb 16 07:51:42 UTC 2018

Hi Craig,

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 10:48:50PM -0600, Craig Comstock wrote:
> The craig_comstock account works fine. I added a bunch of MTK related
> bits to the wiki. Hopefully it's not too much or "out of style" or
> "vaporware". I tried to limit myself to stating facts that I am
> confident about.

I did a quick review and think everything is fine with the way you added

> I should probably try and fiddle some more with my
> script to provide basic chip-id POC for various devices. I can use the
> osmocom-bb wiki as a place to share notes on addresses I find and
> such.


> I ran into a snag trying to support a blink firmware on both sciphone
> dream g2 and fernvale 

well, I think the really interesting part of those devices is their
cellular/RF side, not the LEDs :P  But well it's of course your time and
your decision how to spend it :)

> Thanks and let me know where to RTFM about adding things to the wiki
> properly if there is a doc/page about that.

I don't think there are any manuals about this, aside from the redmine
wiki syntax reference.

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