sciphone dream g2 mtk 6235 status? ;)

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Craig Comstock craig at
Fri Feb 16 04:48:50 UTC 2018

> you already had wiki editing rights for your user 'escogido'.  However, your other 
> account 'craig_comstock' didn't have them.  Now you should have both.
> Please let me know if it doesn't work for some reason. Thanks!

The craig_comstock account works fine. I added a bunch of MTK related bits to the wiki. Hopefully it's not too much or "out of style" or "vaporware". I tried to limit myself to stating facts that I am confident about.

I should probably try and fiddle some more with my script to provide basic chip-id POC for various devices. I can use the osmocom-bb wiki as a place to share notes on addresses I find and such.

I ran into a snag trying to support a blink firmware on both sciphone dream g2 and fernvale since sciphone doesn't have an LED that I can find and the LCD Backlight is more complicated than the simple fernvale poke a value into an address. :( I also tried to figure out an LED blink firmware for ZTE Obsidian/MT6735 but again it looks more complicated according to linux kernael sources I found... a bunch of PWM stuff to fiddle with there.

Thanks and let me know where to RTFM about adding things to the wiki properly if there is a doc/page about that.


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