ARM Core and UI

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Tomcsányi, Domonkos domi at
Wed Mar 29 08:07:51 UTC 2017

Hi Anton,

The ARM core of the Calypso platform is responsible for both the UI/apps and other tasks as well, there is no separate application processor as found in most of current phones.

There are applications running on the phone presenting a UI as well as doing work on the ARM core for example the rssi application.



2017. márc. 29. dátummal, 9:46 időpontban Anton Gorbachev <antgorka at> írta:

> Dear Osmocom members,
> I am new in OsmocomBB but trying to understand how all the stuff works.
> And I have a question.
> As I understood we have DigitalBB Calypso in our Motorola phones which consist of DSP and ARM Cores.
> If we are talking about "normal" phone firmware, In DSP L1 processing is done, in ARM core L2 and L3 processing of GSM stack is done.
> But we must also have some "regular" OS somewhere, am I right? So I mean all the menus, applications like "Settings", "Phone book", etc.
> In modern phones, I believe Adnroid or iOS communicate with some RTOS running in ARM core of DigitalBB. But what is about Motorola phone? Does it have separate ARM processor/RAM for a refular firmware?
> Did you create some applications for ARM part of DigitalBB and some applications for UI which run outside the RTOS?
> It's possible that I am confusing with all the terms but I would appreciate if you help me to understand.
> Kind regards,
> Anton

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