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Anton Gorbachev antgorka at
Wed Mar 29 07:45:46 UTC 2017

Dear Osmocom members,

I am new in OsmocomBB but trying to understand how all the stuff works.
And I have a question.
As I understood we have DigitalBB Calypso in our Motorola phones which
consist of DSP and ARM Cores.
If we are talking about "normal" phone firmware, In DSP L1 processing is
done, in ARM core L2 and L3 processing of GSM stack is done.
But we must also have some "regular" OS somewhere, am I right? So I mean
all the menus, applications like "Settings", "Phone book", etc.
In modern phones, I believe Adnroid or iOS communicate with some RTOS
running in ARM core of DigitalBB. But what is about Motorola phone? Does it
have separate ARM processor/RAM for a refular firmware?
Did you create some applications for ARM part of DigitalBB and some
applications for UI which run outside the RTOS?
It's possible that I am confusing with all the terms but I would appreciate
if you help me to understand.

Kind regards,
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