OsmocomBB MNCC socket implementation without LCR

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Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Mon Mar 27 09:29:39 UTC 2017

Hi Gerard,

On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 02:11:29AM -0700, Gerard Pinto wrote:
> GSM_TAP was the key - Thank you for this help. External CC works well now.


> Just  compared mncc with internal and external CC - Debugged a little
> further and realized 1 of the fields of bearer_cap was missing!

> mncc-python is good - I read your blog. Made some changes (socket path).
> Although it does fail with "Invalid mandatory information" - bearer cap
> missing. I will have to look again at the code.

Patches are always welcome.  I guess mncc-python is so far only used
with OsmoNITB, and not with the MS-side MNCC on OsmocomBB.  But it would
be great to have this working, too.

> Osmo-sim-auth and pysim both same projects right?

no.  osmo-sim-auth just performs a (GSM or UMTS) authentication against
a SIM card.

pySim is for programming certain cards where that is possible (like
MagicSIM, sysmoSIM, sysmoUSIM, etc.)

I think there are two distinct purposes and it makes sense to have two
different tools.  But yes, it probably could make sense to merge the
code in one repository and simply have multiple executables for that.

Would you be interested in merging the two, i.e. provide an incremental
patchset against pysim that adds the osmo-sim-auth binary?

> Reason I asked since, I wrote all SIM API's in osmo-sim-auth and was
> planning to push upstream and then realized there is a project pysim which
> has all of that ?

Sorry to hear that. pySim-prog actually existed for much longer time, it
is what we always used to program SIM Cards ever since 2009.

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