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Marek Sebera marek.sebera at
Thu Dec 21 08:54:56 UTC 2017

Hello Craig!

you're proper cool ! Do you anything of your works public already?

is it possibly this?

I thought about MTK chipsets as good start-point for development,
because they are less locked-down and there is bigger chance, they did
not protect ie. the DSP codes enough.

Also the dev-board (mtk6260/fernvale) what do you use specifically?

Last thing, what I'm curious about, if Librem 5 (the phone) is willing
to allocate some funds into BB(P) development and open-sourcing, because
they sure want to open the software/firmware/hardware at some point, but
so far I think, they rely more on BBP vendor to allow this, not so much
opening it up / developing them-selves.


On 12/17/2017 05:13 PM, craig at wrote:
> I am currently working on porting osmocom-bb to mtk6260/fernvale board available via open hardware and from sysmocom. My goal is to get a nuttx-bb + layer1 + mobile (osmocom-bb host software) working on fernvale and sim800h modules.
> I am also working on integrating the old mt6235 sciphone g2 code as well as look dforward to 3g/lte with mtk6735as in the ZTE Obsidian.
> I have some dreamy ideas about how to use fernly as a base for interactive creation and validation of board support and translate that into osmocom-bb firmware, nuttx application or library or even as a linux kernel driver or user space program (maybe in the ec20 qualcomm module case).
> I'm not very far along but will try and share as many small PRs as possible . I would encourage others to do the same.
> Cheers,
> Craig

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