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Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Wed Apr 19 19:01:30 UTC 2017


> One issue that I fear is that I see very little activity outside of the
> sysmocom team in gerrit in terms of review.  I had the feeling this was
> better while posting patches still on the mailing lists.  I'm not sure
> there is a causality.

I'm not sure if it's just me or if I'm using it wrong but I'm always
annoyed when I have to login to gerrit ...

1) I shouldn't be logged out at all ... it's not a high security stuff
that session should be kept open for a long time, like > 1 week
without issues ...
2) I have to retype the openid login url. I mean there is a login with
Yahoo and login with Launchpad Id dedicated link, isn't there a way to
add, "login with your osmocom redmine account" link ?
3) Then I'm redirected to redmine, where I have to login as well,
because again for some reason I've been logged out. Same comment as
above, unless I explicitely log out, that session should last for ever
pretty much ...
4) When I then login to redmine, I get redirected to the OpenID end
point but at this point the "open id state" or whatever has been lost
and so I need to go back to gerrit and re-do the whole login process
so it can do it in one go without being interrupted by the redmine
login process and finally log me into gerrit ...

I can assure you I gave up on the whole process more than one time ....



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