OsmocomBB hardware migration to SDR

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Craig Comstock craig_comstock at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 23 14:56:39 UTC 2016

Hi All,
I hope to make a usable phone. Currently my plan is to dig into the MT6260 as started by the fernly/fernvale project. Current target is the SIM800H which contains the MT6260. I saw both that sysmocom has a $150 fernvale setup and Lime SDR has a USB bare-board for $250+ but I have to stick with something that is "phone" like and so am working on designing a small SIM800H/MT6260-based phone which can be expanded and/or used to experiment.
If there was something like LimeSDR that was small and less expensive I would go that route. I imagine there will be before long. :)
Meanwhile, I'd definitely like to contribute as I can to MS software/osmocom-bb. I will do what I can.
github for my project... as yet it's just a "manifesto"/vapor-ware but I have a lot of half-done bits and pieces laying around... ;)

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 To: Вадим Яницкий <axilirator at gmail.com> 
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Hi Vadim,

On Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 3:45 PM, Вадим Яницкий <axilirator at gmail.com> wrote:
> Fortunately, there are many SDR platforms available now. Especially interesting
> devices are USRP, UmTRX, bladeRF, and recently introduced LimeSDR. They can be
> easily programmed to support just about any type of wireless standard, of course,
> including some mobile telecommunication stacks. As well as for network side back-end,
> they can be used to perform MS side operations, excepting frequency-hopping and some
> phone specific features (like SIM I/O).

Btw, the first release of XTRX (http://xtrx.io) will have a SIM
driver, so it'll be possible to connect it directly to a SIM card
slot, as per the miniPCIe standard. If users will find this feature
useful for users, it'll make it to the final release.

> So, I think there is a way to bring a new live to, amazing child of the Osmocom
> umbrella, OsmocomBB. We can make one work on SDR hardware platforms implementing
> a 'bridge' between both already implemented L2/L3 and OsmoTRX.

Also note an 'ms' branch of osmo-trx. It's not a full functionality
required for an MS and the code is pretty dated, but it's close enough
to start.

> I know that there
> already was some attempts (see sylvain/ms-sdr branch) to make described dreams
> come true, but development was stopped. And now I am going to start to work around
> this direction.

It was a combination of circumstances that work was not finished and I
would totally support an effort to finish it.

Alexander Chemeris.
CEO, Fairwaves, Inc.

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