Help with a bricked C118

Simone Margaritelli evilsocket at
Thu Apr 21 14:23:03 UTC 2016

Hi everyone, I just got today a Motorola C118 with a CP2102 interface, so I’ve cloned and compiled the osmocom-bb and started playing with it, everything looked great ( osmocon working, hello world app, rssi and so forth, everything 100% perfect ).

Then I started following this page <>

Until I reached the point where the menu.e88loader.bin file was referenced … I don’t have this file (I’m on the master branch), so I closed every tabs of the terminal to search which branch contained that file.

Problem is, I’ve executed all the commands prior to this one:

host/osmocon/osmoload fprogram 0 0x012000 target/firmware/board/compal_e88/menu.e88loader.bin

( also saved the original loader ) and now the phone doesn’t turn on anymore, neither osmocon is able to detect it … so I guess it’s bricked? is there any way to unbrick it?

Thanks for your help.
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