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I am the project lead for the SHAKTI open source processor project.


This is a large Indian processor development effort that aims to develop
a range of processors (from uController to high end servers) based
on the RISCV ISA. We work closely with UCB and Cambridge as part of this

As part of our processor family, we have just started on a mobile SoC.
The goal is to have an octa core SoC with the performance of a
snapdragon 820 or the Apple A9.  the CPU core is pretty much under
control but we are exploring the DSP needed for running the lower levels
of the 3G/LTE stack.

Another group does LTE stacks and so we have complete testing equipment
available to test for compliance.

I am basically looking for co-conspirators who can help identify the
I can use from the osmocom stack and figure out what else we need to
Then of course we need to develop the DSP core. We are currently reusing
the UCB vector processor and we are trying to figure out if a vector thread
processor or
a conventional DSP will do the trick.

Our goal is to have am SoC that will the functionality of a basic smart
but we do not intend to focus only on a basic phone with voice/data
ca[ability but with basic display (even 4 line display is OK). Plan to use
AD SDR board for the SDR section. So it will be a large board that is
not optimized for size.

Any comments, thoughts appreciated . In case you are wondering, yes we
this  a mammoth task but we are well funded ! This is part of the India
processor project. And most importantly all our work will be patent free
open source. HW will be BSD, SW will be GPL3/2

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