bad crc 9bf1

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Craig Comstock craig_comstock at
Mon Jun 1 17:48:37 UTC 2015

Alexander <alexandr_x <at>> writes:

> Hello
> Biggest thanks for the osmocombb project!
> I am trying to follow this wikki  to flash rssi app
> And facing this error
> host/osmocon/osmoload fprogram 0 0x010000 compal_loader.bin
> Loading 8192 bytes of memory at 0x10000 in chip 0 from file compal_loader.bin
> bad crc 9bf1 (not 4190) at offset 0x00000000
> status 69206016, aborting
> How to solve it?
> I use latest jolly/menu git branch
> HW: C115 and c113 ( e88)  both providing same error
> -- Sincerely, Alexander.

Are you on the latest code? I have had this problem before and think it is
either due to stale code or host architecture. In the past I think there was
a problem with running osmoload on 32-bit versus 64-bit hosts in computing
the CRC. Search the mail archives, there is some talk about it there.

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