Usefulness of the Calypso (was Re: seL4 is open source now)

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Tue Aug 5 19:50:42 UTC 2014

Steve Markgraf <steve at> wrote:

> I don't quite see how waving the Free Software flag and distributing
> proprietary source from the TSM30/Locosto leaks (pretty much everything
> in freecalypso-sw/gsm-fw/) go together.

That source is NOT proprietary, it is *ex*-proprietary.  It *was*
proprietary, but not any more - it is now in the public domain.

Free Software is not just a "flag" to be waved, it is a practical
reality: in *practical* terms, software that is based on ex-proprietary
code that has been liberated through the exercise of Eminent Domain
and subsequently developed and maintained in the manner of a free sw
project gives its users all of the 4 freedoms defined by FSF.

However, I shall leave it here -- any further replies or comments or
questions in this thread will *not* elicit a further reply from me.
But if there is anyone else on this list who desires a usable cellphone
for talking to his or her significant other like I do, please be assured
that I have no plans of dropping the project; the work is progressing
at a steady pace as you can see from the Mercurial commit history, and
I have high hopes of some actually-usable result some time around the
end of 2014.


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