is the Viterbi decode for the AFS provided by Sylvain right?

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Akib Sayyed akibsayyed at
Fri Jul 27 03:18:53 UTC 2012

Bob i will suggest u to try implementing amr for mobile app then test
whether it  works properly then start playing with burst ind
Or is it possible for u to share your code i will try to implement it in
mobile app

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On Jul 27, 2012 6:56 AM, "bob" <avwiseav at> wrote:

> Hi, Sylvain
> I use your code to decode the AMR in my network, but have no positive
> result.I have some questions.
> 1.when I have decode the TCH, and ready write to file, how to set the last
> argument of the function.
> length = osmo_ubit2pbit_ext(voice, 0, EFRAMR, 0, 8 + gsm690_12_2_len,
> 0/1);is it 0 or 1? I use your
> burst_id branch.
> 2.are you test your code relate to TCH AMR? have you ever succeed to listen
> the voice coded by AMR, in your clarifications about 27C3 GSM Sniff Talk, I
> find you hadn`t completed the AMR said:"  - ... But since I'd
> like it to support AMR and viterbi soft output before that happens, it
> could
> take some time." how about your current process?
> your SDCCH sniffer demo, you use snr of the channel to decide a over
> of
> a channel, but in the speech of amr, because of DTX, it can not be used,
> how
> to settle the problem because I can`t implement the full stack.
> Look forwarding  to communicate with you!
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