Tooling up for osmocom, gnuradio, and android ... suggestions ?

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Peter Stuge peter at
Sat Jul 21 11:31:36 UTC 2012

Harald Welte wrote:
> > The osmocom projects and GNU radio are quite volatile, frequently
> > changing, and more or less require staying constantly on the bleeding
> > edge to get the most out of the projects, and to be able to
> > contribute back of course!
> > 
> > Very few distributions are equipped to handle anything bleeding edge,
> > and in particular binary based distributions are useless, because you
> > have to wait for someone else to build that last commit. Not what you
> > want.
> I'm not really sure how those two relate.  I regularly build all of the
> osmoocom code on Debian stable (which is known for its ancient
> versions).  So I really don't think we have any dependencies to
> something that would not be part of any more or less current
> distribution of the last 2-3 years.

Yes, but you have no option but to build everything manually, I call
it slackware style, while with a source based distribution it is more
likely that there is actual support for bleeding edge packages. In
Gentoo they're called "live" ebuilds; latest git is built and managed
by the package manager. Dependencies are resolved. It's quite nice.

> So I would think that all of those distributions (source-built or binary
> based) are equally well equipped to build and use any of the osmocom
> projects on them.

Certainly when building everything manually, but that's really quite
primitive. Source based distributions generally have more powerful
package management tooling was my message, which I think is on topic.


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