the sign of a voice frame in the AMR codec

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lonelysurfer lonelysurfer at
Thu Jul 12 11:28:51 UTC 2012

Hi Bob,
I tried efr and fr in airprobe and your decoder but also without success.
My filter for non voice frames is :
	/* Unpack (ignore hu/hl) */
	osmo_pbit2ubit_ext(bt,  0, bi->bits,  0, 57, 0);
	osmo_pbit2ubit_ext(bt, 57, bi->bits, 57, 57, 0);

	/* save stealing flags */
	bt[114] = !!(bi->bits[14] & 0x10); // hl
	bt[115] = !!(bi->bits[14] & 0x20); // hu

	if (bt[114] || bt[115]) {
//	printf("might be FACCH %x , %x\n", bt[114], bt[115]);

You using the first 8 bits for indicating? Can you explain this?

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