the sign of a voice frame in the AMR codec

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Harald Welte laforge at
Thu Jul 12 07:07:56 UTC 2012

Hi Bob,

maybe it would be a good idea if you could introduce yourself, who you
are, what you are working on, and in which context you are doing this.

You post a number of questions here, and expect people to help you.
Unless we know if you are working on something useful, and will actually
contribute that back to the community, why should somebody help you with
those issues?

Also, your mails are often _very_ short and don't give a lot of context.

I don't want to scare you away, but just give you an explanation why
your mails get so little feedback on this list.  It's actually up to you
to do something to change that.

- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
"Privacy in residential applications is a desirable marketing option."
                                                  (ETSI EN 300 175-7 Ch. A6)

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