Moving to TCH without doing a BCCH again when using app_ccch_scan

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Altaf altaf329 at
Thu Aug 16 15:22:47 UTC 2012

Hello everyone

In one of the ML I have read that, BCCH-SDCCH-BCCH-TCH is required for
listen to the TCH.

In my case(Test N/w) I receive an IMM ASS, go to (SDCCH/4 + SACCH/4) TS:0
subchannel 2.

As soon as I find an ASS_CMD I send a l1ctl_tx_dm_est_req with new channel
parameters and jump to a TCH/F+SACCH/F+FACCH/F   TS 4. I am receiving bursts
after this. 
They contain SACCH SI5/6 as I see them in Wireshark and also some bursts (I
hope a mix of FACCH and TCH). Is it necessary to do BCCH again. If I don't
do Won't I receive TCH frames.? Will the be good TCH frames. ?

But I see the tch_schedule_set working good. I receive once UL and next DL
bursts.  and sometimes SACCH.

Can someone explain me.

Thank You


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