Custom calypso board

R M rm.engineer84 at
Sat Aug 18 07:19:34 UTC 2012


>  * expose JTAG
>  * board-edge connector for plugging many boards into one backplane
>  * external clock input / buffered clock output
>  * RF connector standard u.fl or SMA or optionally separate Rx/Tx?
>  * I2C/SPI and both UARTs available on headers
>  * on-board EEPROM for storing persistent data, even beyond NOR flashing
>  * SIM card slot, SIM interface also present on header
>  * additional / unused TPU ports
>  * header for TSP / TPU and all data/control interfaces between iota/rita/calypso
>  * RTC crystal and footprint for lithium backup battery
>  * version of the board with uplink / downlink filters switched

I would suggest the board to have a connector that sends the  I Q
signals from say openbts directly to the dsp so that there wiil not be
a  need a usrp or any other rf board/singal generator to send the
signal through the SMA connector.

I would also suggest that DSP code be modified and not placed in DSP
ROM. This would help in writing our own dsp code and make the software
totally opensource.


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