April 25, 7pm / Regular Osmocom meeting in Berlin?

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Harald Welte laforge at gnumonks.org
Mon Apr 23 20:54:51 UTC 2012

Hi all!

This is the announcement for the 2nd incarnation of our bi-weekly
Osmocom Berlin meeting.

	April 25, 7pm @ CCC Berlin, Marienstr. 11, 10113 Berlin

The schedule is as follows:

19:00	Introduction into the TETRA base station located @ CCCB 

	For quite some time, there is a full TETRA base station located
	in the Berlin CCC, consisting of two base radios (BR), a site
	controller (TSC), an auto-tuning cavity combiner and other
	equipment.  The talk will introduce the architecture of the
	system and the current status of getting it running.

20:00	Presenting the CC32RS512 / towards an Osmocom Card OS

	The CC32RS512 is a flash-based smart card controller to which
	the documentation is available without NDA.  This means that we
	finally are able to implement a Smart Card OS (COS) as free

20:30	Informal discussions

If you are interested to show up, feel free to do so.  There is no
registration required.  If the initial part is not interesting to you,
feel free to join us later at 20:30.  The meeting is free as in "free
beer", despite no actual free beer being around ;)


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