Basic Set Up For PCS 1900

rola roladunjoye at
Sat Apr 21 10:47:57 UTC 2012

Hi all:

I've been on and off trying to set up Osmocom-BB for quite a while now. I've
tried using several Cxxx with no luck of being able to lock on to a cell. I
shifted to Pirelli_dpl10 hoping to avoid configuration change required of
dual-band phones to work with Osmocom-BB but no positive outcome.

I'm using Sylvain testing branch with transmit enabled; create mobile config
file with PCS1900 and GSM850 as the only bands to be supported. For US
Motorola dual band phones c139 and c155, I modified the required section of
the rffe file to support PCS1900; and for Pirelli, I made the recommended
modification to UART option before being able to communicate with the
device. I guess I did all what need to be done for preliminary setting.
Layer1 load perfectly but mobile application never work.

Sim reader worked perfectly; Sim information was read, mobile app used the
previous PLMN information to start power measurement. I was able to get
average power of -92dB with Pirelli but while still performing the scanning
the result output repeatedly fix prim_pm.c file with value to be overwrite

I guess the issue has to do with passing the right parameters to layer1 to
perform ARFCN scanning in order to obtain power measurement of the available
channels. I'm not really sure if there is need to modify any part of layer1
or Rita files before accurate measurement could be done for PCS1900.

I'm not that deeply knowledgeable in GSM standard but I can still figure out
what to do if any hint
is given toward what need to be done before PCS1900 band will work with any
osmocom-compatible phone.
I know that some people have worked on PCS1900 and GSM850 but there is no
towards what need to be done in terms of specific file to hack to change
default GSM900 and DCS1800 bands configurations to GSM850 and PCS1900.

I am pretty much sure that If I were in Europe I would by now step up from
trying to make Osmocom lock to a serving cell to the point studying the code
to work for a specific purpose. I am using the project as part of thesis
work to analyze the Um interface and to explain processes that occur between
BTS and mobile station.

I will so much appreciate it if anyone could be of any help. Thanks.


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