Mobile phone to act as RF frequency sesnor and detector

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Andreas Eversberg andreas at
Thu Apr 19 14:51:55 UTC 2012

hi ojenge,

you need to perform two steps:

1. you need to alter the neighbour cell measurement task in 
mobile/gsm322.c, so it will not measure neighbour cells in idle mode, 
but measure whatever you like. you can define up to 32 frequencies. 
after you've received the results, you can keep them, change them or 
change them back to start over, until you have measured the full range 
you want. you must give <ARFCN> + ARFCN_UPLINK in order to measure other 

2. as you have a complete set of frequencies you wanted to scan, you 
need to generate an sms with these results.

note that you cannot sync nor read any messages from the surrounding 
phones with the neighbour cell measurement task. you just get the rx 
level of what passes through the filters.

also note that the current code will only run on a host, so you need a 
laptop/netbook/embedded hardware to use the c123 with osmocombb.

i suggest start reading the gsm322.c, it does most of the idle process.



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