moving SMS core code into libosmocore

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jolly andreas at
Mon Oct 24 16:13:33 UTC 2011


i am thinking about moving sms code from openbsc to libsomocore.

my idea is to move the core code of openbsc to libosmocore's src/gsm and
include/osmocom/gsm/ respectively.

one problem is that the transaction structure of osmocombb and openbsc
is different. for sms support there could be a common part inside the
union of each transaction:

struct gsm_trans {
        union {
                struct {
                        uint8_t link_id;        /* RSL Link ID to be
used for this trans */
                        int is_mt;      /* is this a MO (0) or MT (1)
transfer */
                        enum gsm411_cp_state cp_state;
                        struct osmo_timer_list cp_timer;

                        enum gsm411_rp_state rp_state;

                        struct gsm_sms *sms;
                } sms;

i would suggest to move the common part to libosmocore and name it
"gsm_trans_sms". then both openbsc and osmocombb can use the same sms
structure. also the "gsm_sms" structure itself must be generalized and
not rely on openbsc structures. (i have not yet looked at it.)

to get reference to the private gsm_trans, openbsc and osmocombb can now
use "container_of" in the specific sms glue code.

any ideas / suggestions?


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