[PATCH] SAP client

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jolly andreas at eversberg.eu
Sat Nov 5 06:23:36 UTC 2011

hi nico,

nice work. i like the idea that BTSAP is used by layer23. this was my
intention when i added the sap_interface.c. not only that layer23 can
use softsim as reader, but also other btsap clients could use osmocombb
as reader. to make this possible, the next step would be adding the
btsap server socket to osmocon. (currently it only provides a socket for
L1CTL.) also layer1 sim reader would require to get a btsap compatible

there is only one thing i disagree: you implemented function in the VTY
to set the socket. this is already done in the configurations of each
mobile instance. i would suggest that you open the socket
(osmosap_init(ms)) at app_mobile.c when the instance is started (no
shutdown), in case the socket is given. then, if the mobile instance
starts working, the socket will be connected and the sim client will
read the sim as soon as the socket is connected.

best regards,


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