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Marten Christophe technosabby at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 22:34:31 UTC 2010


Thanks u all  this gr8.. work ..

forgive me for my little novice question.. most probably goes to Mr.
Deiter.. but any one from list be kind enough help me from list..

I'm pretty new to Osmocombb
i made a setup as advised on *Sun, 01 Aug 2010*  blog. with hp8922.

" You just "tune" to the right ARFCN and time slot (I don't use hopping
during testing) and see that you get your code running."

Q.1)  i learned from wiki how to change ARFCN from Layer on application by
using below command,  but how to tune right TS ?

./layer23 -a 871 -i

Q.2) even If OsmocomBB Layer1 CTL is able to tune to right ARFCN and Time
Slot, will i be able to listen what so ever broadcasting from HP8922 from
C123 speaker or PC speaker. non-encrypted, debugging non-hopping)

Q.3) what command and interface will be used to enter the frequency hoping
 parameter, in case i will use FH option? to tune OsmocomBB  l1CTL

Q.4) How to enter Minimalistic L1 interface, what is interface available to
insert theses command to layer1


thanks , Martin
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