Overloading sanctioned private networks on GSM

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Oct 5 19:40:13 UTC 2010

Marten Christophe wrote:
> >Did you research other RF interfaces than the one used by GSM?
> Yes , and  are  legacy . need higher bandwidth.

If all you looked at was legacy solutions with too low bandwidth for
your needs then obviously you should look for further solutions. :)

Some research in the particular area of long distance using
variations of WiFi:


They used to have a wiki, but I guess they've changed their site
structure and have not yet updated all links. Archived pages:


> and Why I'm not thinking for Armature radio or Air broadcasting   ..
> it is only One way..and other drawbacks

I don't believe your idea of amateur radio is very accurate. Actually
I don't think amateur radio has ever been about one way
communication. :) Broadcasting is, but maybe that's also something
your application can benefit from if governments help with spectrum.

> do you have any suggestion ?

I think that using GSM in this application is a hack, with both the
good and bad things that implies. I think the plan can work, and it
does have some advantages, but more importantly I think that all the
disadvantages, some of which may be significant, must be evaluated
carefully before investing too much in the idea.

The advantages are probably mostly non-technical. The disadvantages
are mostly technical. (E.g. you already know it does not scale.)

> >>> Define cheap and small bandwidth?
> They have very cheap equipments ( out of store almost) for providing
> low bandwidth. like 64 Kbps,  54 Kbps  even 9 Kbps RF interface.

So it seems that you should have a closer look at the work by TIER.

> you will be kind enough you you give me other cheap solution after
> all its all for charity..

I can't give you any solution at all, but I am trying to point out
that there may be quite significant and relevant research and
publically available resources which you seem to have been
overlooking completely in the project so far. This suggest that you
need to do (much) more research.

> and one more cause to attract me here is in some places we have GSM
> infrastructure and , Govt and some private operator will let us
> user some part of it.

This is one of the significant non-technical advantages of using GSM
for your project. On the other hand, if you can create something else
which is much better and comes at much lower cost, then there's much
less of an advantage.


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