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Tue Oct 5 19:10:42 UTC 2010

Hi Peter,

I hope you are aware of the OLPC project, because you seem to share
some of the same goals. See http://laptop.org/

> Yes I'm .... and HCL is taken up  into manufacture it

> setup a  USRP1  based BTS .. which might  cover near by villages also.

With 11 dbi Anettena and appropriate PA . we can  do it up  5 to 10 KM (
send a mail to Ettus)

>Did you research other RF interfaces than the one used by GSM?

Yes , and  are  legacy . need higher bandwidth.
and Why I'm not thinking for Armature radio or Air broadcasting   .. it is
only One way..and other drawbacks

do you have any suggestion ?

>>> Define cheap and small bandwidth?
They have very cheap equipments ( out of store almost) for providing low
bandwidth. like 64 Kbps,  54 Kbps  even 9 Kbps RF interface.

on demand they can supply.

you will be kind enough you you give me other cheap solution after all its
all for charity..

rather then GSM ,

and one more cause to attract me here is in some places we have GSM
infrastructure and , Govt and some private operator will let us user some
part of it.

Kind Regards,
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