Linux + u-boot port to MT6235 (E1000 phone)

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Andrew aifiltr0 at
Sat Nov 27 21:15:01 UTC 2010

Hello, everyone.
I've just stumbled on the post in maillists following a news tip on one
of the linux forums. 
I myself have two MTK-based devices - E1000 (MTK6335) and Nokla TV E71
(MTK6225) and have done some research some time ago. 
However, from what I heard there was no MMU there (even on 35), so I
didn't study the possibility to start linux there. 
To make the story short, I'm now trying to run all the good stuff on my
phone and cannot get past the loader. 
While now I cannot get past the osmocon part and upload ramloader:
When I hook up my phone I get 

~~~ Welcome to MTK Bootloader V005 (since 2005) ~~~         
Main=0x3, Tmp=0x0, Fota=0x0, Bak=0x0                        
Number of image segments = 4                                
..[0] Image size = 352Bytes, start addr. =0x428             
..[1] Image size = 4516152Bytes, start addr. =0x0
..[2] Image size = 12494144Bytes, start addr. =0x452938
..[3] Image size = 10340676Bytes, start addr. =-0xe000000
Start loading image...
image index: 1...

Bye bye bootloader, jump to=0x0

And this comes out at 115200 baud. 
Trying osmocon: 
osmocon looks like it sends the beacon - but nothing happens - the phone
just turns on. (I do hold the power button, but that just doesn't help)

I altered the sources and changed initial baudrate to 115200, but nothing
I have not yet figured out jtag pins out there, and I guess I will hook my
old atmega-based jtag scanner only if there would be not other way to make
serial method work. 

I think I can be of some help, since I have the hardware and some
experience in kernel hacking. 
But I guess I cannot be of any use in the gsm part since I just don't know
that stuff. 

That's it, 
And thanks for starting the porting process. 

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