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luca bongiorni bongio87 at
Sat Nov 27 20:20:38 UTC 2010

Hi mates,

i was thinking to start to work also on Sciphone and starting to learn as much as i can and contribute to the community (even if actually i'm a noob of phone firmwares, i worked only on MIPS router firmwares ).

Have you some usefull books/wiki/etc to start on?

These are the 3 versions identified of Sciphone:

HY27XS08121M - 512Mb (64MB) NAND + 32MB RAM

HY27XA081G1M - 1Gb (128MB) NAND + 32MB RAM

TC58NVG0S3AFT - 1Gb (128MB) NAND + 64MB RAM

How i could ask to sellers for the best version? (TC58NVG0S3AFT - 1Gb (128MB) NAND + 64MB RAM)

Do you know an european shop where i can find it?

Thankyou for attention folks



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