simtrac hw

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Peter Stuge peter at
Sun Nov 21 19:56:44 UTC 2010

ml at wrote:
> a hw design


> - the AT91SAM7SXXX

I'd use a more modern chip that is simpler to work with; something
like NXP LPC1343 Cortex-M3 with USB or TI Stellaris LM36432 with
10/100 Ethernet. They're both single supply 3.3V chips. The NXP only
needs five-size passive support components.

> here the schema :

I get nonsense messages visiting that page. :\ "needs input"
something or other. Maybe you can attach them to the wiki?

Christian Vogel wrote:
> according to the datasheet VDDPLL powers the oscillator, you should
> not leave it unconnected. VDDCORE powers the internal logic and
> is specified as 1.65V to 1.95V.

There might be an internal voltage regulator also for this chip, but
I would really go with cm3 for a new design.


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