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Mon Nov 22 00:46:23 UTC 2010


On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 01:39:07AM +0100, ml at wrote:

> I did not yet add the MiM solution, because there are still have some
> open aspects :
> MiM :
> - should it use the clock provider by the reader

No, we don't want this.  Real phones do things like CLOCKSTOP and we
might not want to stop our actual SIM card during that time.

> - or should we provided our own clock (3.8432MHz/9600bps for simplicity)
> using the reader clock would provide better timing but cold be harder to
> do (I don't know well this chip yet)

The AT91SAM7 can provide the clock on the SCLK0/SCLK1 pin of the USART,
there is no need for any external circuitry.

> emulation :
> - how to know what the user wants (sniff vs emulation) if the mode is
> combined with the sniffer ?

simply send a configuration message via USB from the simtrace program.

> - the user has to tell the program

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