Its posible that OsmocomBB work as a USRP?

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Maciej Grela maciej.grela at
Thu Nov 18 21:11:00 UTC 2010

2010/11/18 Hernani <hrnlacerda at>:
> Ok, first of all congratulation for this project...
> Ok, I understood that it wouldn´t work as USRP.
> But would it allow you to tune (or listen - sory don´t know the tecnical
> term in english) an especific ARFCN and time slot ?

Yes, you can set the frequency in the downlink range (the ARFCN) and
then synchronize your timing generator to the FB (Frequency correction
burst) which is sent in every frame in timeslot 0.
After that you can receive bursts sent in other timeslots.

Maciej Grela

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