Its posible that OsmocomBB work as a USRP?

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Hernani hrnlacerda at
Thu Nov 18 18:59:42 UTC 2010

Ok, first of all congratulation for this project...

Ok, I understood that it wouldn´t work as USRP.
But would it allow you to tune (or listen - sory don´t know the
tecnical term in english) an especific ARFCN and time slot ?


> Hi Harald
> Thanks for clarifying this confusion. I bought a motorola C123 on ebay
> with RS232 data cable. When I arrive I'll try this fantastic software.
> Thank you very much for your work, this world needs more people like
> you
> On Sat, 6 Nov 2010 08:32:31 +0100, Harald Welte <laforge at <>>
> wrote:
>>* Hi Oscar,
*>*> On Sat, Nov 06, 2010 at 03:02:37AM +0100, Oscar Soriano Riera wrote:
*>>*> Its posible use
*>>*> OsmocomBB on C123 for do task as a USRP ? or similar scanner ?
*>*> No, I think you have some conceptual misunderstanding about radio
*>*> technology in general.
*>*> In your subject you ask if OsmocomBB can work as USRP:
*>*> This is wrong, as OsmocomBB is a protocol stack and radio driver, and
*>*> the USRP
*>*> is hardware.  How can some software work as hardware?
*>*> In the body of your mail you ask if the C123 can act as USRP:
*>*> No. The USRP is a wide-band software defined radio, and the
*>*> Calypso/Iota/Rita
*>*> design implements a more traditional narrow-band zero-if transceiver
*>*> with a DSP
*>*> in the baseband.
*>*> Nevertheless, you can use both hardware design to receive and
*>*> transmit GSM
*>*> signals.  But this is very far from what you ask by "one device
*>*> working like
*>*> the other"
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