Linux + u-boot port to MT6235

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the grugq thegrugq at
Tue Nov 9 03:35:35 UTC 2010


Will this theoretically work with any MTK6235 based phone? Or is the serial connection specific to the G2 device? There are plenty of MTK based phones out here, but finding a specific model is a long shot. 



On 8 Nov 2010, at 21:45, Steve Markgraf wrote:

> Hi Marcin, hi list,
> today I received the Sciphone G2 and 'hacked' the headphone cable into a serial cable (which worked quite well, compared to the Mobistel).
> osmocon worked on the first try. I only had to modify the UART_BASE address in my mtk test code (steve-m/mtk_hack). (log attached)
> I've used the FT2232 UART on the OpenMoko Debug Board, but it works with a PL2303 as well.
> Now we need to find out why it doesn't work for you...
> Regards,
> Steve
> <osmocon_mt6235.txt>

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