Linux + u-boot port to MT6235

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Marcin Mielczarczyk marcin.mielczarczyk at
Tue Nov 9 05:14:34 UTC 2010

Hi Wolfgang,

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 5:57 AM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:
> Marcin et al,
> guide. Well, hopefully it helps others making a safer disassembly,
> that was the point of it.
> I kept adding things to my G2 wiki page

Don't worry about broken touchpanel, this set will be still usable.
Thank you for documenting it!

> What we have now is:
> 1) disassembly guide
> 2) PCB layers, also 1 large PDF with all layers so it should be easy
> to flip pages and follow traces
> 3) G2 schematics PDF, thanks to Bluelans
> 4) bottom side (LCM side) component placement, thanks to Bluelans

That's a lot of hardware now ...
We have also schematics (which I see are almost the same as reference
schematic for MT6235 which I sent before) and PCB layers, that's

> That pretty much concludes what I planned to do. Maybe they can find
> the top side component placement file as well, that would be nice. Not
> sure though.
> Also if the first package of phones arrives safely, I have more phones
> and boards I can send people. I plan to give away everything I have.

That's great, I appreciate it.

> One thing you could help me with is URLs to the datasheets, as many
> as we can find, or have open URLs for.

Best documents I found are on "" There are a lot of
materials about MTK platform.
The problem is that you have to have account there.

> Hope this helps, good luck for your work!

Thank you very much for your help.


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