Linux + u-boot port to MT6235

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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Nov 9 04:57:39 UTC 2010

Marcin et al,

> Wow, but I'm not holding my breath yet :)
> Schematics would be realy useful ...
> You can also ask about technical documentation for BT chip MT6601.
> I couldn't find datasheet and it'll be needed to make BT working.

sorry it took a bit longer than I thought, but I was hard at work
and can report some good progress.

A package with 4 full G2 + 4 PCBA + some USB cables and batteries
is on the way to Harald with EMS. Let's hope it arrives soon and
without big customs problems.
Thanks to generous Bluelans support, I have more stuff here, another
6 full phones (4 with buggy touch panel, 2 should be OK), plus
another 4 or 5 PCB. I grinded down 2 PCBs to take pictures of the
layers, and I broke another full set to make an illustrated disassembly
guide. That set is probably still usable, although at least I ripped
off the touch panel cable, and broke the glass under the touch panel,
and maybe added some more damage as part of me making the disassembly
guide. Well, hopefully it helps others making a safer disassembly,
that was the point of it.

I kept adding things to my G2 wiki page

What we have now is:

1) disassembly guide
2) PCB layers, also 1 large PDF with all layers so it should be easy
to flip pages and follow traces
3) G2 schematics PDF, thanks to Bluelans
4) bottom side (LCM side) component placement, thanks to Bluelans

That pretty much concludes what I planned to do. Maybe they can find
the top side component placement file as well, that would be nice. Not
sure though.
Also if the first package of phones arrives safely, I have more phones
and boards I can send people. I plan to give away everything I have.

One thing you could help me with is URLs to the datasheets, as many
as we can find, or have open URLs for.

You mentioned you are looking for MT6601, I can start to ask around
a bit, also for the full 6235 SDK if we can find it somewhere.
But I don't even have links to the 6235 or 6140 datasheets right now...

Hope this helps, good luck for your work!

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