l1test without hdlc (sercomm)

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Steve Markgraf steve at steve-m.de
Tue Jun 22 00:09:45 UTC 2010


At 21.06.2010 23:48 Rust, Marco, wrote:

> Finally the information should be sent to an microcontroller over UART.
> What is the easiest way working for me?

In this case I would suggest swapping the console and the HDLC UART, by 

CONS_UART_NR 0 to 1 in /include/console.h
SERCOMM_UART_NR 1 to 0 in /include/comm/sercomm.h

and using the cons_puts() function.

Excerpt from console.h:
This is the direct (IRQ driven) UART console, bypassing the HDLC layer.
You should not need to call those functions unless you've decided to
not use the HLDC layer or have a device with two UARTs


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