Trouble building Osmocom

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Nordin bouchtaoui at
Wed Jun 9 09:36:41 UTC 2010

On 9-6-2010 6:31, Holger Hans Peter Freyther wrote:
> Hi Nordin,
> I wouldn't have the skills I have now if it wouldn't be due to others
> help. And of course I know file and uname and it is new to others. The
> biggest problem I have is judging is someone is just lazy, or if there
> is someone who is slow to start but eager to learn.
> how would you figure that out?

I totally understand Holger and agree with you if we just imagine the 
amount of work you have to do for the projects comparing to someone new 
just asking even the simplest basic things, but that's something there 
always be.
So to answer your question, just ignore the posted "stupid" questions, 
or tell him/her to read again the how-to's, or provide links how to 
build a project etc...
And you guys are even kind to take some effort to answer to such simple 
questions, there are others who smash him with RTFMs :)
But let's just forget about it as it's off-topic.

> z.
> PS: Would you be willing to help me to go through the documentation and
> provide some more getting started information? At least two have
> downloaded a wrong toolchain, I am pretty sure this will happen again.

I'd really like to help you with this project, but as I stated before in 
OpenBSC as a father of 3 kids and a husband of a very 
attention-demanding wife I really have very little time, so I'm just 
following you guys on this list, but I'm not an active member. I'm now 
focussing on UMTS support for OpenBSC which I really want to help coding 
this time, as I didn't help to code for 2G in OpenBSC.



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