transceiver won't start; fpga build error

stephane at stephane at
Sat Feb 23 20:22:58 UTC 2013

> I'll go ahead and recompile openBTS using your version. Thank you!

That worked out rather smoothly. I can see the '00101' GSM network on my
phone and OpenBTS attempts to SIP REGISTER when I choose it on the

Here are my notes, I'll be posting further updates there as well:
Hope this helps.

Next steps for me are to setup FreeSwitch (and maybe OpenSIPS) so that I
can start testing calls.

Question: I used RX1 and TX1 on the board to connect the antennae, but
`transceiver` says "using transmit antenna RX1" and "using receive antenna
TX2", does that mean I should use RX1/TX2 instead, or is this a
configuration parameter I should modify in OpenBTS.db?


PS: Congratulations to everyone involved in making this so painless!
Eight hours (lunch included) from unpacking to being able to see the MNC
show up on a phone is _very_ nice.

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