transceiver won't start; fpga build error

Andrew Karpenkov plddesigner at
Sat Feb 23 20:55:19 UTC 2013

Hi Stephane,

Thank you very much for your comment. It's my fault. I forgot to add a line
to the fpga/usrp2/sdr_lib/Makefile.srcs. I fixed this error. To
successfully compile the FPGA project, you will need to update your local
repository from github.

2013/2/23 <stephane at>

> FPGA compilation error
> ======================
> Assuming this is because of a missing/out-of-date FPGA image, I tried to
> compile the latest (git) FPGA firmware:
>   cd UHD-Fairwaves/fpga/usrp2/top/N2x0/ ; make clean ; make UmTRXv2
> but got the following error:
>   ERROR:HDLCompiler:1654 -
> "/home/stephane/Public/src/umtrx/UHD-Fairwaves/fpga/usrp2/top/N2x0/u2plus_core.v"
> Line 734: Instantiating <rx_frontend_sw> from unknown module <frontend_sw>
> A quick `git blame` points to some changes in January but I wouldn't
> know where to start fixing this (or maybe this is an issue with my
> environemnt and not the code). In case this is the environemnt, I'm using
> ISE 14.4 on Linux/amd64

Andrew Karpenkov
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