UmTRXv2 are back from a fab

Alexander Chemeris alexander.chemeris at
Thu Sep 20 08:44:48 UTC 2012

Btw, the first power up of UmTRXv2 went fine and boring - no flames, no smoke.

Now we're waiting for FPGA bitstream from Andrew Karpenkov to run the
functional tests.

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 12:58 AM, Alexander Chemeris
<alexander.chemeris at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Today we've received first units of UmTRXv2 from a fab. The unit is lovely
> to look at - find the picture attached. I hope it will show no less great
> performance when we turn it on.
> In addition to fixed bugs this version has following major changes. I may
> have forgotten something, but these are the most important changes:
>  * better form factor (10x16cm Eurocard)
>  * doesn't have RF switches on board (the're moved to a frontend for higher
> flexibility)
>  * newer GPS module (EB-570)
>  * U.FL connectors by default (to simplify automated mounting)
>  * optional connector for external front panel (for waterproof casing)
>  * tantalum capacitors instead everywhere (for longer life)
>  * wider input power voltage range (8-28VDC)
> We consider this version as pre-production. I.e. it will go into production
> if there are no serious bugs. Now our task is to bring up the board and
> check for all possible bugs before we go forward.
> PS White squares on the picture is not because we obscure the photo - it's
> white thermal pads which the fab placed atop of chips instead of placing
> them at the bottom of PCB.
> --
> Regards,
> Alexander Chemeris.
> CEO, Fairwaves LLC / ООО УмРадио

Alexander Chemeris.
CEO, Fairwaves LLC / ООО УмРадио

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