experience with fcdp

Christopher Orr chris at orr.me.uk
Fri Jun 3 20:39:37 UTC 2011

> You might try a filter between antenna and Funcube or try to use an
> antenna that is only sensitive in a small part of the Tetra band. Do not
> use one of these DVB-T mini antennas that come with the USB sticks.
> These are optimized for covering the whole TV band. This includes Tetra
> but also everyting else :/

On that subject, can anybody recommend a good portable antenna for use 
with the FCDP?

At home, I can pick out some (presumably) TETRA signals (in NRW, DE) by 
hooking up to a DVB-T booster antenna I have and scanning around 420MHz.

As mentioned, portable laptop antennae like those for WLAN and DVB 
aren't ideal.  So I'd be interested in finding something to use while 
out-and-about with the FCDP, which could be good for picking up the most 
common TETRA bands.


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