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Sat Jun 4 06:59:08 UTC 2011

Hi Christopher,

On Fri, Jun 03, 2011 at 10:39:37PM +0200, Christopher Orr wrote:
> On that subject, can anybody recommend a good portable antenna for
> use with the FCDP?
> At home, I can pick out some (presumably) TETRA signals (in NRW, DE)
> by hooking up to a DVB-T booster antenna I have and scanning around
> 420MHz.
> As mentioned, portable laptop antennae like those for WLAN and DVB
> aren't ideal.  So I'd be interested in finding something to use
> while out-and-about with the FCDP, which could be good for picking
> up the most common TETRA bands.

I'm using a combination of digikey numbers ANT-418-CW-HWR-RPS-ND and
ACX12470ND with my FCDP.

The other thing that I've ordered (but not yet received) is a car
antenna with magnetic foot: Procom MU 4-MM/CEL4

(the MM indicates the magnetic foot, you can get any other mounting
 option that Procom supports)

This is a 4dB gain antenna for the 414 - 430 MHz range.

They have other antennas for different ranges like 380-400 MHz (CEL5):

For the Procom antennas you typically need a FME cable plus a FME-SMA

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