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Wed Nov 6 03:02:24 UTC 2019

Dear all,

Please do not consider the last message.

First I want to introduce myslef, I'm Gael and few months ago I bought a Lime-Mini to use as BTS with EDGE. I have spent some time working in that and it is doing it but I have noticed that the UP LINK MCS is not stable, it changes very much with the mobile near the board. I have read that this issue was solved in the ticket 1833 but it is not working for me, I hope that this not about my board. Do you have any suggest for this behavior?

To solve that issue, I force as I read in another post, setting the minimum an maximum values to zero till the MCS to be used. It works fine setting the pcu-cfg file like: ... mcs7 0 35 mcs8 35 35.
It works but it does not look well and if I change by VTY to use mcs 9 it works too but is not posible to start the system with this configuration, so I have to start it using mcs7.

With this cfg I can reach 130kbps using a mobile class 12 ( 4TS RX + TX), anyway I have 6 TS configured for PDCH. I guess  this mobile should reach almost 200 kbps (4TS * 54Kbps). What is the maximum speed  reached?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards.

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