sgsnemu ignoring Request accepted

Pau Espin Pedrol pespin at
Wed Jan 24 15:18:36 UTC 2018

Hi Viktor,

indeed, you found a bug I introduced in osmo-ggsn 
2d6a69e69a4b4cb2b8cc63c4810dae44e5a4d8f6, sorry for that, I didn't 
notice it since I was testing it with osmo-sgsn instead of using sgsnemu.

You patch is fine, but I'd argue it would be more correct to use "< 1" 
for the condition since it now returns the amount of addresses parsed 
(or -1 in case of error). And better add whitespace in the comparison.

Can you please submit the patch to gerrit? Add a reference to its 
Fixes: 2d6a69e69a4b4cb2b8cc63c4810dae44e5a4d8f6 ("Add support for IPv4v6 
End User Addresses")

You can add me as reviewer.

Also please note that sgsnemu doesn't yet support IPv4v6 EUAs as opposed 
to osmo-ggsn. I only added support for it (in the commit introducing the 
bug) because modems in osmo-gsm-tester were using that one and I needed 
to support it in osmo-ggsn to have the tests working. As I never used 
sgsnemu before, I only patched it to account for the changes in libgtp 
but without adding the support for the new feature there.


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