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Mon Jul 10 07:52:52 UTC 2017

Hi Firat,

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 10:09:05AM +0300, fırat sönmez wrote:

> What I would like to do is that I want to have GTP module in a kernel 3.18.
> I did some google search and then I added the headers, libraries and the
> source code to the source code of 3.18 to compile all the kernel, but it
> didnt work. I am not experienced in kernel module programming or about the
> consequences compiling GTP in previous kernels which have different
> structural mechanisms than the 4.* versions.

I think in general there is no underlying problem / reason, so the GTP
module should be possible to be back-ported to earlier kernel versions.
Hoewver, like any back-port of kernel code, you will need to adjust tot
the specific API changes between the old and the new version, and that
typically means you need some experience in the field, as well as some
understanding about roughly how the related APIs in the kernel
networking code have evolved between the two versions of concern.

> Is there any way to achieve this? If so, how could it be possible to get
> help from this community?

I think you will not find somebody in the community to spend their own
(spare!) time to helping you with this.  Backporting is what keeps
people away from working on actual development on current
master/mainline [and it's even hard for people to find any time at all
to do that!}, so it's typically done only/mostly within companies
where there are paid developers who need to support given older kernel
versions for commercial reasons.

So I guess your best chance is to find a freelance kernel hacker to help
you with that back-port on a contract basis.  Alternatively, if you're a
reasonably large customer of some 'enterprise' linux distribution, you
can of course also approach your distribution vendor about this.

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