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Harald Welte laforge at
Tue Mar 22 14:08:07 UTC 2016

Hi Manuel,

On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 02:18:48AM +0100, Manuel José Muñoz Calero wrote:
> Well, the idea was to use libipsec to integrate IPSec functionality into
> OpenGGSN code, so OpenGGSN itself could set IPSec parameters and start
> connection.

I don't think this is a good idea at all, sorry.

IPsec is a feature provided by the operating system, and it is very well
(and efficiently) handled by doing all the per-packet operations inside
the kernel itself.  Only the control (key handshake) is done in
userspace, and three are several implementations of the IKEv1/IKEv2
protocols out there.  There's no need to replicat that functionality in

> What about writting a GTP traffic open source analyzer?
> I started writting it a couple of years ago.
> I used tcpdump output and parsed it with awk and got statistics about many
> things (especially errors, packets per protocols counting...).
> It could be written in C this time.

I suggest you to have a look at the wireshark infastructure in the
'Statistics' / 'Telephony' menus.  They do pretty nice for other
protocols like TCP or SIP.

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