Support of Fast Ack/Nack reporting in osmoPCU

Aravind Sirsikar Arvind.Sirsikar at
Thu Mar 3 15:09:49 UTC 2016

Hello All,

We are currently working on providing the support of Fast Ack/Nack Reporting(FANR)  feature  in OsmoPCU.

We have Identified and listed major changes in OsmoPCU as below.

1)      Introduction of new header types in UL/DL

a.       Mainly due to presence of  CES/P and PANI fields

2)      Following Control Messages changes

a.        Packet Downlink Assignment

b.       Packet Uplink Assignment

c.        EGPRS Packet Channel Request

3)       MS Radio Capability

a.           Extraction of Reduced Latency Capability

4)      VTY interface changes to enable/disable the feature

5)      Downlink PAN Handling

6)      Uplink PAN Handling

7)      RLC window modification

a.       Introduction of state variable to manage  REPORTED and UNREPORTED states in UL direction

b.      Introduction of new state TENTATIVE_ACK in DL direction

8)      TBF flow changes

9)      Handling of Tentative Ack blocks during retransmission

Note: There may be impacts on osmo-bts. But the impacts has not been considered yet.

We plan to  have a separate branch from master for this development.
Please let us know your valuable feedback.

Aravind Sirsikar
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